Where's the village?

Friday, March 14, 2008

New topics

My life has been unutterably boring lately, just growing a baby and tending a house. And I don't have dooce's ability to make the most mundane stories sound like an Olympic event. Which puts a damper on my lifelong ambition to be a famous blogger - yet another dream to be tossed on the reject pile.

I'm gloomy today, sorry. The dog has been struck with a combination of incontinence and runny poo which makes for a very very grumpy dajamama. Although today I've turned a corner in my outlook on the problem and decided that it's much healthier to get super duper depressed about it instead. Progress, neh?

On the topic of new topics, I thought I'd try to beef up the content here by at least posting once a day or so about the things the dajamou decides to talk about during evening snuggle time, as she desperately seeks to put off going to sleep. Among recent conversations we've had:
  • The life cycle and eating habits of mosquitoes
  • The shapes and functions of human teeth
  • Her expert opinion on how they do the special effects on Sesame Street
  • Whether or not flies are a mortal danger to humans or just to the dajamou
So, much fun will be had. I'll have to decide if I'm going to research these topics for her further edification, or if this will just encourage her to further draw out our little evening chats.