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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 possibly random but probably related things

  • I was doing Shiva Nata in my head last night and it started turning into a flamenco dance. I may just have to try that for reals sometime. I was even feeling the swirl of skirts against my legs! In my head! Legs in my head! Brain: officially scrambled.
  • I went to listen to the recording for the Art of Embarking and accidentally started the recording for the Shiva Nata sneaky snack call. I'm now glad I did.
  • Pattern pattern pattern, everything's a pattern.
  • I couldn't come up with a proper image for my metaphor of flow. That is, I have that great image for my stucknesses, of a leaf pushed up against a rock (although sometimes I'm wondering if I'm the rock?). But for my image of how I want the destuckified me to feel, I was really struggling. So I wonder if maybe I need something more 3 dimensional (or 4 dimensional) than a stream, perhaps flying like a bird in the air currents? Although just now I thought of a tree by the riverside. Hm. Why is that less stuck than a rock in the middle of the river? Anyway. That's still progressing at least.
  • TRUST. That was the word I kept in my head while listening to the call. And EQUANIMITY is the word I'm going to try and keep in my head for the rest of today.
I had so many other thoughts and ideas and epiphanies and moments of hmm while I was listening. But I was on the exercise bike and I didn't write them down, and I've forgotten most of them. But I'm hoping they'll come back next time I listen. Also? Even if they don't, it's OK. Because I still remember how it felt when I had them and that feeling is still here. It's like waking up. The good kind, with the sleepy slow smile, and the luxurious stretch, and the feeling that you really rested, and the knowledge of a good day ahead. That's how my brain feels right now. Probably doesn't help that I was exercising at the time...go go endorphins!

I'm a little bit manic at the moment, I'm going to take a shower and get centered. Equanimity is the word of the day.


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