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Thursday, April 12, 2007

slippery slope

I sit here and watch myself become one of those bloggers who doesn't keep up their blog. Who starts with the best intentions and just lets life get in the way.

I started this as a place to vent, but if I'm brutally honest with myself I was hoping to find a community as well. And I know I haven't put much effort into joining the community besides waiting for people to come to me. So in that I think the blog has failed so far.

But I have vented here and there, and it has helped sometimes. So it hasn't been a total waste. But I'm not inspired to write every day anymore. I'm in this weird place where I don't think I'm as down as I was, but I'm not exactly up either. I'm just kind of here. Which doesn't make for great content.

I'm taking my vitamins, I've found these exercises that help my back to not hurt every morning when I wake up, I'm watching a lot less TV, spending less time online, trying to be a more present mother, joining some local groups to try and develop a social life. And most importantly, I'm really really trying to figure out what in the world makes me happy. Because the dajadaddy and I are sick of me being sad.

All of that leaves not much time or mental energy for blabbing on da blog.

So for all three of you who may be reading this, I'm sorry. I don't intend to let it fall completely by the wayside, but I'm not going to make any promises. Maybe when spring finishes with jerking the entire North American continent around and gets down to some serious sunshine, I'll have energy for more than the bare minimum of daily routine.

Til then....


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