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Monday, February 26, 2007

More hearting of Neil Gaiman

That man. That boy, more like. In so many ways, Neil Gaiman comes across in his writing as someone who decided quite soberly and deliberately to Not Grow Up. And I'm loving that choice of his. At times, but not too often, his literary writing is too dark and twisted for me, but I can respect it and even see a reflection of my own dark and twisted side (which isn't allowed to see the light of day, but stirs and mumbles at times when I read Neil, or some Harlan Ellison for that matter). Which is probably why it makes me uncomfortable. But for the most part I really enjoy his stuff. American Gods sucked me in from beginning to end. And in Good Omens, the way he balanced out the almost-too-goofiness of Pratchett? Gold, people. But that's neither here nor there, nor why I'm writing this entry.

What I specially love about Neil Gaiman is his blog. The writing on his blog. Some people have a beautiful, lyrical, almost poetic writing style which carries you along like a leaf on a lazy river, and you get lost in the music of it. And I love writing like that. But you can't really hear anyone speaking like that in everyday life. Neil's writing, at least on his blog (or journal, as he calls it), is like your favorite smart-and-savvy friend plopping down on the coffee shop couch next to you and just chatting about this and that for 3 or 4 hours that feel like 3 or 4 minutes.

He's at once irreverent and respectful. Playful and direct. He writes what's on his mind, but he does it cleanly and clearly. He has super cool links (like this one) and he actually answers his fan mail. And now and then, some of that delightful British-ness that so fascinates me (and much of America, I'll warrant) will shine through. Who but a Brit can call a party "a lovely bash with nibbly bits" and get away with it? I totally didn't even snicker when I read it. (BTW, you have to scroll almost to the end of the post to see the quote and its context.)

So he already gets more traffic than Atlanta at rush hour, but here's yet another plug for the delightful Neil. Go forth and read.

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