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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Less hearting of I Heart Pgh

I miss the halcyon early days of iheartpgh.com. Or at least the early days of my readership. When the Folks Who Started It All were posting in an endearingly random way about places they loved in and around tahn. Piquing my interest, making me want to like this place after all. Exposing the little hidden gems like the local-mama-owned Pittsburgh Candle Company, the fun little dive bar Big Jim's in the Run, the places in Pittsburgh that were smoke-free before it was required by law. Things like that.

I applaud the fact that the originators of i-heart are gainfully employed (and moving up in the world, too), and I still enjoy reading the "Git Aht" posts by Patrick. I mean, who wouldn't love someone who can write like this:

Well, regardless, the Pittsburgh Lunch Club is the local chapter of the larger social networking site “The Lunch Club” which says it ain’t about the hookups, so right there, I mean, bad marketing. There’s a reason Tom sold myspace to Fox and skated out on all the emo kids with a half billion pieces of silver or whatever it was strapped to his Web 2.0 back… Still though, seems like a good idea, a way for people to network a bit, get out and press the flesh, even if said flesh-pressing is meant to be platonic.

But lately? That's all there is. Weekend to weekend it's a bit of a desert, and then some todo's for the twenty-something crowd for the F-S-S timeframe. And it's not like I can start submitting or something. Even after 3 years here I still feel like a newbie, and besides, I have no life outside of the dajamou.

So someone, out there, please. Jump on the iheartpgh.com bandwagon and start submitting. Tell me (and everyone else) about your favorite hole in the wall, your fondest childhood Burgh memory, your version of Pittsburgh's Best Kept Secret. Because lately, I feel like Pittsburgh's Best Kept Secret is Pittsburgh.

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At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Patrick said...

Thanks for the compliment, dajamama. I really appreciate the kind words.


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