Where's the village?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Where are my priorities?

So just now, I was reading a story on dooce about how her daughter puked for the first time, and I was laughing in that hunched-over, vintage-Eddie-Murphy kind of way that I do when I don't want to attract the dajamou's attention, because then she'll come over and ask me about it, and I'll have to explain that I think a story about puking is funny, and she'll ask me over and over to explain to her why it's funny, and I've only had one cup of coffee and no shower and no vitamins so that's not gonna turn out well.

So I'm really into this story, right? And I hear the dajamou calling from the bathroom (she's taking a bubble bath) that she wants more hot water to warm up the bath again, and for some reason I called out (while still reading dooce), "I'll be right back!"

The first thing I thought was "That's a dumb thing to say, since I'm not in the bathroom with her, or leaving the bathroom."

The second thing was, "Maybe I was talking to my computer."

And the third thing was, "Hey, I'm going to write this on my blog so I won't forget!"

And that's progress, ladies and gents.


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