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Friday, March 09, 2007

Fun with Words

The other night, in the living room, the dajamou had decided that she was a Shrieking Eel (รก la The Princess Bride). She roped me and dajadaddy into it, natch, and I was unfortunately elected to be the evening meal for the two members of the Shrieking Eel family. Dajadaddy, who has had secret ninja training in playing with the dajamou while expending the least amount of energy possible, was mostly encouraging and coaching from the couch. At one point, he told her to "tenderize" me -- I'm guessing in preparation for a light breading and a pass under the broiler. Here is where we stumble on the wonderfulness of the English language and its many homonyms and puns. When the dajadaddy said "Tenderize," the dajamou came and squatted next to my head, pried open my eyes, and said, "They're OK, daddy!"

Let's all just think about that for a minute. Take your time and let it roll around in your brain for a while. (Or, if you're me, take your time and roll around on the floor in paroxysms. (I love that word.))


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