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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Go On And Go Free

Somebody, somewhere has got to have a personality test or system of figuring out how old you are, or something of that nature, based on what songs go through your head in certain situations. If they don't, I wish someone would, and tell me what it means that whenever I tell the dog "Go on and go pee" I get Paul Young's rendition of "Every Time You Go Away" stuck in my head.

And this morning, as I stumble around in a more-tired-than-usual stupor, "I Am A Grocery Bag" by They Might Be Giants is plaguing me. But that one I think is more the rhythm and tone of the song, which is about the level of activity I'm at right now. Kind of plodding and apathetic and a wee bit whiny.

It's gonna be a great day! Heh.


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