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Monday, August 21, 2006

I really do heart Pittsburgh

Those wacky Yinzers dahn at I Heart Pittsburgh have really done growed up. There are more posters than ever, and the writing is really rather good. I'll overlook the fact that they didn't post my entry a couple weeks ago (I probably screwed up the process anyway) and just sing glory to their names today. The weekly "Git Aht" postings (a recent sample here) are my new favorites; they're a hoot just to read, and an inspiration for those who need (and are able to make use of) a weekend activity. And the lovely ladies who started it all are still quite active posters too, throwing out all kinds of gems: little out-of-the way places that beautifully capture the flavor of da Burgh; off-the-wall events for those who are trying to escape the multiplex movie theaters; fun facts and tidbits and news n'at.

I heart I Heart Pittsburgh. Yinz check it aht.

(Apologies for the crude approximation of Yinzer-speak; I'm still learning. Be gentle with me.)


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