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Friday, August 04, 2006

Supper Time at Chez Daja

I happened to already be at the laptop when the dajamou started "reading" a cookbook I had on my desk. And this is the recipe she dictated to me. (She really got into it once she noticed I was paying attention and even writing it down.)

"The first ingredients for Robber Soup is broccoli and celery. And the next step is the eating leaves, and the next step is salt and pepper. And um now lemme see...OK. So. The first one is...how to make soup that's not carriage by everyone you know."

"Carriage by everyone you know?"

"Yeah. Carriage. So. First you start with a little salt into a big pan. And a little blueberries into the big pan. And stir it all up, and then put some pepper in it, and then onions and tomatoes, and a little bit of parsley, and a little bit of green beans and crushed beans, and a little bit of not crushed beans that are cold. And a little bit of blueberries, and parsley, and a little bit of eating leaves, and a little bit of apples and celery, and tomatoes, and onions, and some salt, and blueberries, and salt and pepper, and a little bit of parsley and a little bit of dessert breakfast. And a little bit of those fruity things?"

"What fruity things?"

"Those fruity things that are all different kinds. And they're fruit. And they're not plain fruit, they're straight up things with the wrappers."

"Fruit Leather?"

"Yeah. And we need fruit leathers too."


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