Where's the village?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ramping up to Election Day.

How can I vote responsibly and intelligently, when reading almost any kind of news story just brings on another bout of depression? I have totally stopped listening to news on the radio, watching any kind of local or national news TV, reading news sites on the Internets. Occasionally a newspaper headline will turn up somewhere I can't avoid it. And even that just makes me shudder and try even harder to avoid.

I know that's exactly what I'm not supposed to do as a conscientious citizen of a supposed democracy. But I have got to take care of myself, or I'll be a semi-conscious citizen of an asylum. Which won't do anyone any good.

So. Taking all that into account, I'm wondering just what I'm going to do when I go to vote tomorrow. I guess voting right down the party lines will have to do.

At least that's what I hope I'll be doing. God knows what kinds of machines they're using this year and what it'll do with my vote.

Maybe I'll see a typo and my head will explode.


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