Where's the village?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh well.

The month isn't even 10 days old and I've cocked up the whole NaBloPoMo thing. But I'm going to keep trying because at least it will get me to write.

Yesterday my van died. Well, not irrevocably, but I couldn't get it to run well enough to do more than strand me in the middle of the parking lot of the Center for Creative Play. I had to have 2 of my friends help me push it back into the parking space so we could call a tow.

Yucky day in general.

So now we're stuck at home. Which isn't a bad thing, actually. It's been a busy week of going places, and while the dajamou and I really like that, I think we're both ready for a break. I'm just bummed that she's going to miss another day of school. (She missed yesterday due to the van dying.) The dajamou, however, is most decidedly not bummed. Which is another bummer. I thought she'd love school. But that's another long story, perhaps to be saved for tomorrow's post.

So now today is an at-home day in which we will do laundry and play in the leaves outside and maybe even cook that ham that's been in the fridge for bordering on too long.

Boring stuff, but oh so very nice.


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