Where's the village?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh, come ON.

Ever since Wednesday morning's election results, I've had this kind of Bossanova chant in my head: "Democrats beat Republi-CANS! Casey beat Santo-RUM! We got the house and the Se-NATE!" Work with me, sing it sotto voce and you'll get the rhythm, maybe do a little step-step-step-kick around the house for good measure.

This morning, however, my mental soundtrack kind of did that little bwroooaaawrrrhm thing like when your favorite cassette finally dies. I read (third or fourth hand, admittedly) that Nancy Pelosi, the new Democratic Speaker of the House, said "Maybe it takes a woman to clean house."

Great sound byte. Shitty sentiment.

There are all kinds of things she could have said about how this is a giant step for womankind, blah blah de blah. I'm not a spin doctor but I bet she has several who at least play one on TV. Could they maybe, possibly, conceivably pick some other kind of metaphor that was a little less fraught with entrenched patriarchal crap?



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