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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Typical, and yet not.

Sunday morning, breakfast time. Dajadaddy and the dajamou are talking about today's outing to the local Fairy Festival. Note that we've been discussing it ALL MORNING.

Daddy: You know what we're doing today?

Daja: What?

Daddy: We're going to the fairy thingy!

Daja: It's not a thingy, Daddy, it's a fest-a-bull!

(Daddy launches into an explanation of how the category "thingy" includes the subset "festival.")

Daja: It's a fest-a-bull, Daddy! (sigh of exasperation)

Daddy: I'm going to have to teach you about Venn diagrams very soon now.

Mama: I don't know what that is. What's a Venn diagram?

Daddy: Oh. My. God. You don't know what a Venn diagram is?

Mama: Nope. What's a Venn diagram?

(Daddy hurls himself at the dry-erase board, normally used for grocery lists, but occasionally employed as a teaching tool and art medium. He draws 2 circles on the board.)

Daddy: This circle is the set, "Everyone who knows what a Venn diagram is." And this is the set, "Mama."

(Mama simultaneously gets it and collapses into gales of laughter. Everyone else is standing around wondering what's so funny.)


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