Where's the village?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Recent ideas for the blog.

  • My newfound automobile cravings after reading the "Top Ten Tech Cars" article in IEEE Spectrum.

  • The inevitability of death and why we should (or should not, depending on how much depression-inducing chocolate I've had) strive to avoid it.

  • How pretty much all of my regrets are for things I have not done, rather than things I've done.

  • All the fantastic stories and goofy songs and funny little sayings that come out of the dajamou at all hours. It's primo material, people! But I keep failing to write it down before I forget it.

Meanwhile I'll just keep doing the random thing. Perhaps eventually I'll develop my style and strive to be worthy of groveling at the base of the pedestal upon which stands the Laid Off Dad.


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