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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Art of Storytelling.

The dajamou loves to tell stories. Sing songs, too, but that's for another post. This is about stories. And one of her favorite ways to tell stories is to get one of my books from the bookshelf, leaf through the pages, and make up a story or three to "read" from it. Her favorite ones are those little half-sized paperbacks that you see in the big box bookstores like "A Collection of Garden Poems" or "Meditations on Road Tripping in Arkansas" or whatever. Since she's three and can't read, it matters not to the dajamou. And for the most part, I find it cute and creative. And it keeps her occupied for whole minutes at a time. What's to complain?

My only problem is that, of all the little half-sized paperbacks we have in the house, and granted we only have a few, but of all of them, her favorite one for "reading" is Sun Tzu's The Art of War.


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