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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No cause for alarm

I have always been a forgetful person. But lately? Lordy, it's getting bad. I'd worry more but I forget to.

Nah, that was a cheap shot. Actually I do worry about it. Especially now that the dajamou is approaching the age when she will have things like homework (dear God, they give homework to kindergarteners) and permission slips and extracurricular activities and sleepovers and stuff. I remember when I was a kid I always forgot to give permission slips to my mom and she'd have to rush them to school on the day of the field trip or whatever. Or I'd forget what day was class picture day and so I would forget to take a bath the night before and I'd wear my grubby corduroys with the stained Tshirt, and then feel like an idiot when I saw everyone else in their khakis and nice clean gathered-front shirts. It was a cause of a lot of anxiety for me.

I don't want that for the dajamou. But if I can't even remember something I promised to do twenty minutes ago? She is so screwed.

I'm also concerned for myself. I've been feeling more creative lately, and by that I mean I'll notice little vignettes that I think would make a neat picture. Or I'll come up with a really nifty turn of phrase in my mind that I think I hould use in my blog or in my NaNoWriMo novel, or whatever. But the pictures I want to take are always seen while I'm driving, and I haven't yet scraped up enough money to get the cyber-eye-camera implant. And the turns of phrase are usually when I'm doing something else, and I forget them before I can write them in my little notebook (which I carry around for just such a situation...the irony!).

I want to remember these things. I have tried lots of different techniques for retaining these things (the notebook, the blog, the digital camera that's always in my bag, the writing on the palm of the hand....). Maybe I should get a dictaphone. It wouldn't work for pictures but I could at least talk into it when I'm driving.

Bah. I'd probably forget to use that too.

But there's this untapped well of wonder and eloquence inside me, I just know it's there! For some reason I'm sensing it more than I ever have before. How oh how do I tap into it?

I I know! I'll just have to hire a personal secretary to go everywhere with me. Then I can say everything that comes to my mind, and they'll jot it down, and I'll go through it later to pick out the nuggets of wonderfulness. I'll just have to find someone who will agree to be paid at a later date, like in 20 years when my superstar best-selling writing career finally gets going.


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