Where's the village?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bass Ackwards

What kind of a world do I live in where my four year old daughter feels the need to comfort me? What have I done to her life so that after I lose my temper and make her cry, and then I start crying myself, she gets the impulse to give me a hug and pat me on the back with her gentle little baby hands, saying "There's nothing to be sad about, Mama." And of course that just made me cry harder, because yes I have read The Ghost In The House and so I know that I'm forcing her to shoulder the burdens of adulthood too early by making her feel responsible for my emotions and wellbeing, or some such screwed-up/depressed/having-my-period/turmoil-in-marriage emotional reaction.

Oh, and? I'm letting her control her own TV-watching. I am on the right road to being the Worst Mother Ever. Worst Wife too, now that I think about it.



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