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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Moral dilemma.

I put mouse poison in my garbage cabinet tonight. I can't stand those little mouse poop pellets everywhere. It infuriates me beyond proportion. Before tonight I was kidding myself that they couldn't get out of the cabinet. Too weak to push open the door or something. (Yeah, I know, pass me some more of the crack I was smoking when I came up with that one.) But tonight, I found mouse poop on my counter. Near the stove. Right next to the crock where I keep my cooking utensils - can I just say, EW?

So finally, filled with righteous territorial wrath, I stomped to the hall closet and broke out the box of d-con that had been sitting, unopened, for the six months since I'd bought it. Unopened because I can't stand the thought of killing the little suckers. (Some kind of mammalian bias, I'm sure, because I have no such compunction about insects of any ilk.) The idea of the mice eating poison and suffering somewhere in the crevices of my walls just fills me with remorse. At least a little.

So what's a semi-desperate housewife to do? I've tried the home remedies, like driving them off with the smell of fresh drier sheets. I've even taken to putting the dajamou's diapers in the kitchen garbage. (They're just her wet nighttime diapers. Don't go thinking my kitchen smells like toddler poo.) I've tried to live and let live. But come on. They pooped near my SPATULA.

Are live traps really feasible?


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