Where's the village?

Monday, April 17, 2006

The world according to dajamou.

One of the many purposes of this blog is to record some of the fleeting moments in dajamou's life. Here's one I managed to write down a few weeks ago:

When I was just three years old I got bonked on the forehead and I said, "Ow!" But then it was T and I said "Oh it's just my friend T." And then T got bonked on the forehead and she said "Ow!" And then she said, "Oh, it was just my friend V." And then we lived happily ever after. And the next day, V ate egg with her mommy and she just didn't bonk anybody on her forehead. And the next day, she had some milk with her eggs.

And another:

When I grow up high! to the mountain, I will reach up to the mountain and go up on the mountain and I will find Uncle K and reach him up. And then I will drive him and take him back to Chicago and then I'll come back! OK?


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