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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Shiva Nata

I started trying to get back into some semblance of health this year. A friend started an online group of women who all did the 30-Day Shred together. It was fun to do it in company, however virtual. But when the 30 days were over, the group kind of fell apart. I wanted to keep going, because I was feeling better than I had in years. But I was kind of over Jillian Michaels, no offense to that estimable woman, I'm sure she does lots of people lots of good. It's just not my thing.

Meanwhile, a FB friend had linked to a post on The Fluent Self, a blog by Havi Brooks. Her wacky, slightly esoteric way of writing is just my thing. I was hooked, and I disappeared down that particular rabbit hole for several weeks. And because I can become a bit of a fangirl and assume that the latest thing I'm into is the answer to all my problems, I eventually started getting interested in the yoga practice she teaches, called Shiva Nata, or Dance of Shiva. And then about a month ago, in a fit of anxiety-ridden spontaneity, I went and ordered the DVD and starter kit. A bigger chunk of change than Ms. Michaels' product, which explains the anxiety. But I was convinced!

OK, so now I've started it and I'm supposed to journal my progress and any moments of bing! that are legendarily prevalent among Shivanauts. And I thought, well heck. I've got this blog over here, it's been sitting ignored and morose for 3 years (I will not write an apology post, I will not write an apology post, I will not write an apology post), it's still mine and I can still log into it, why not use that?

We'll see how this goes. But I make no promises, to myself or anyone else. I'm just trying to be a little realistic, is all.

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