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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A realization of a realization

A few days ago I was contemplating the lack of shiva-ing since I got back from vacation. (For one thing, it's been too damn hot until yesterday.) Out of the blue, I remembered that I did, in fact, have a little moment of hmmm during that week. I'd had a pretty intense dream (or series of run-on dreams, as mine always morph from one story line to another to another), and the next morning I told my sister-in-law about it. I'm not going into details here as some of it's personal. But the gist is that I started sensing a pattern in a lot of my stress dreams: miscommunication and separation. Like this:
  • thinking everyone's agreed on one thing and then when I do it, I'm the only one there.
  • driving somewhere and suddenly realizing I have no idea where I'm going (and sometimes driving off the edge of something)
  • going somewhere and waiting for someone and they never show up.
  • realizing in the middle of something that I don't know where my children are.
  • knowing where my children are but being helpless to get to them.
It's probably a pretty typical parental stress factor. But it does seem to crop up in my dreams a lot. So, all together now:



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